Project 40: Week 26

Weight: 185 – 184.6 (-0.4 lbs)

Savings: $2893.79 + $2208.67 (day job)

Days without soda: 0

A bit late to the game but better late than never. It was mostly a bad week, so let’s start with that.

The bad: I ate like garbage most of the week, but especially at the end. I didn’t exercise until yesterday, I didn’t go to jiu jitsu and I didn’t do anything for a job search/side hustle. I felt depressed, I slept terribly and had stomach problems all week due to the poor diet. I was supposed to do a

All in all, a bad week.

I’m not exactly sure why this is happening. But I know how to at least make some headway toward battling it. I need to:

a) get exercising again

b) eat better and track calories

c) sleep better

d) work less

e) job hunt with some focus

I believe once I start doing these things, I will feel better. But I have completely fallen off the rails. I was supposed to do a 16 mile race in June but there is no way I could do that at this point. I need to get back to training for my late summer races in the coming weeks. That I can do.

I really need to re-focus my diet. All the garbage has caused me intestinal distress, pain and cramping. Today I ate much, much better and I feel much, much better.

Last night I slept ok — although I took a NyQuil to get to sleep. It’s something I do only a few times a year, but last night felt like a good time to do it. I had a lot of caffeine late and had to travel this morning, so a sleep aid to get this trip started off right felt like the right thing to do.

The good: I feel like the last couple of days I have started to right the ship. I have been working out more consistently, getting to the gym and going for runs and bike rides. I’m in another city for work, and I am hoping this will shift me out of my stupor.

Time to make some changes. Let’s go.


Project 40: Week 25

Weight: 184 — 185 (+1.0 lbs)

Savings: $2678.54 + $2208.67 (day job)

Days without soda: 1

The good: I have begun my “100 Days.” This a challenge for me to eat better, sleep better, work out more consistently and improve my overall health and well-being. It started on Wednesday with me cutting out soda, sweets and fried foods and tracking my calories. I also got back into working out and got to the gym and ran a good number of days this week. I want to end my 40th year on a positive note, so I am hoping that doing all this stuff will help me feel better about getting older.

The bad: I haven’t done any job search/side hustle stuff. I seem to have stalled out and the next few weeks it is going to be tough because I will be traveling starting the last week of May and the first week of June.

Although I have started the 100 Days, I seem to be in a mental health rut. I am hoping that with getting back on a good health path that I will also start to feel better. All the crappy eating and not exercising over the last few weeks is definitely impacting how good I feel, but this current rut feels deeper than just that. I just hope that with some self-care I will improve. Whenever I eat poorly, it hurts my stomach, and the last few days it has been hurting, even though I have been eating better. And when my stomach hurts, this also impacts my mood.

The good/bad: My savings is down yet again, but that is because I paid $685 to send my niece to acting camp, which is something she loves. So although I am down some money, it is for a good cause.

Overall: As the famous rap ensemble once said, “The saga continues, WU TANG.” I am just starting out on my next phase and hope that this will help me out physically and mentally.

Time to BLAST OFF!

Project 40: Week 24

Weight: 184 — 184 (0.0 lbs)

Savings: $3134.59 + $1708.67 (day job)

Days without soda: 0

Quick turnaround but I wanted to get something down this week.

The good, the bad and the fugly: My diet continues to be awful. Which makes me feel like garbage. My digestive system is in the toilet (literally) from eating so poorly. I have been spending too much money on trash food. I have been having too much pizza, too much soda and too many sweets.

It honestly feels like I am an addict of sorts in that I cannot moderate junk food, especially sweets. It’s always all or nothing with me. I’m concerned that almost every time I relax a bit on what I eat, I go crazy and undermine whatever progress I made. Every. Damn. Time. I have to figure out how to stop the yo-yo dieting. That could be a project for my “100 Days” perhaps?

My “100 Days” starts on Tuesday and I want/need to head into year 41 in damn good mental, physical and emotional shape. With that in mind, I am choosing three goals to focus on in the coming months:

  1. Give up sweets, soda and fried foods. Track calories for the 100 days, even if it is sometimes inaccurate — something is better than nothing.
  2. Get my running base down and get back to being fit. Lift weights at least 3x a week.
  3. Job search 25 minutes a day for at least five days a week.

100 days is about 14 weeks. I think I can lose 20 lbs, get a good running base for my fall marathon and find a new job. At the very least I can eat better, get fitter, and make progress toward a new line of work.

My last day of junk food will be Tuesday, then it’s game on after that.

To talk about work for a moment: I REALLY want a new job. This year has been awful and I truly, truly want a change. I am desperate for it.

The hard part is that I don’t feel like I have a lot of marketable, transferable skills, so it is hard to envision what else I could do and where I could go. I know, at least for now, I am looking for any sort of change. I want to get out of my immediate situation even if it is a lateral move. I think this would be a good way to buy time for a more drastic change. The issue is that I dislike the day job so much that I have a hard time getting up the energy to make a change. Having two jobs doesn’t help, either.

Regarding finances: my savings looks a bit worse than usual, but I had to pay for a bunch of things at work that I should get reimbursed for soon. The silver lining is that I can absorb the financial hits these days because I have a second job. It’s a pain in the ass to work so much to stay afloat, but it’s nice to know that I can take a few shots and not have to put anything on my credit card. Emergency savings is a hell of a thing.

For exercise, I didn’t do much of anything. I ran once this week and that was it. Blech. No gym. No Brazilian jiu jitsu. I am starting to feel overweight and bloated. I guess the good news is that I didn’t gain any weight, but 184 is simply way too high. It sucks to put weight back on but here we are. Next week I will run + gym at least 5 days. I will have to start easy but I will start.

I also haven’t been able to do anything for a job search or career change or side hustle. This week was tough because I had essentially four half days at work plus I was at my second job two nights. That doesn’t leave a lot of time to job hunt. Next week looks much more tranquil, so I will get back to spending at least 25 minutes a day job searching.

Overall: It was a trash week. No progress was made in finances, diet, health or career. I am on the cusp of getting back into the game, however, with next Wednesday day one of my “100 Days.” I’m looking for FDR style changes that are sustainable. I want to hit 41 in good shape, mentally, emotionally and physically. I know what to do, now it’s time to do it.

No tie in thematically with this song, I just really am in a hair metal mood lately.

Project 40: Week 22+23

Weight: 178.0 — 180 (week 22); 184 (week 23)

Savings: $2934.59 + $2843.73 (day job)

Days without soda: 0

Welp. It’s been a really rough few weeks. I gained six pounds. I lost a lot of money. I haven’t been exercising at all. My mental state and sleep haven’t been too bad. But I need to get back into a groove.

The good: OK so technically my savings is largely blown up. But this is because I decided to pay off my high interest loan (7.9 percent) completely, and this was $3600. This obviously cuts into my savings in a major way, however it is like a gift to my future self. This will help me pay off my student loans more quickly. I still have around $22000 to go, so that isn’t great, but at least I took out a big chunk.

Surprisingly, I have been sleeping well the last couple of weeks. I’m not sure why, but I will take it.

The bad: My diet is obviously way, way off. I gained six pounds in two weeks!!! Burgers! Fries! Pizza! Ice cream! Soda! Stomach pain! Self loathing! I hate when I go through these phases. I feel like shit, I look like shit and it destroys my digestive system. I need to get it together. So I have a plan:

I decided to do 100 days of clean eating, starting on Tuesday. The reason why is that it will be 100 days until my birthday, so I can finish my 40th year strong. One hundred days is almost a third of a year, so I should be able to make good progress and hit my birthday in a better place. It also sets me up nicely for a fall marathon.

I haven’t really worked out at all the last couple of weeks. It’s partly the fault of work — I have been pretty busy and have had lots of meetings/tasks that need to be done during my lunch hour. And if I don’t work out during my lunch hour, I am often not able to work out at all since I go to job #2 at 6 pm. I’ve also been lazy, however, so that has been a factor.  I ran yesterday and hope to get to the gym over the next few days as well. Time to re-build momentum.

I have done absolutely nothing for my job search/side career. I had a couple of phone interviews that didn’t go anywhere, which was fine since I didn’t really want those jobs, so I need to get back into the game and start applying again.

Overall: I paid off a big chunk of debt, but it decimated my savings. It’s a gift to my future self so it is more of a win than a loss. I have been eating terribly and not exercising much at all. I haven’t done any job search or done anything to get a side hustle.

It’s not been a great few weeks, but it hasn’t been a total loss, either. I just gotta keep moving, I gotta keep taking baby steps toward my goals, and keep trying.

I need to make the most of things and not keep doing this “Wasted Time” thing.

Project 40: Week 21

Weight:176.8 – 178.0: (-1.2 lbs)

Savings: $2283.37 + $8500 (day job)

Days without soda: 140

I started this on Friday and it’s now Monday and I just want to get something out so here we go:

The good: I got back to running and working out, and my cold largely abated. I actually slept pretty well all week for some reason.

I decided to put $2000 toward one of my student loans, which sit at around $28000 right now. It’s the one with the interest rate of 7.8 percent. I hate that I am losing that much money every month to interest, so I decided to take action and get rid of this loan, which is around $5600. My plan is to pay this particular loan off by June, then re-assess my payment plan going forward.

The weather has been warming up.

The bad: There were two glaring things this week: the first is that I gained a bit of weight. My diet was way off, I think largely because my mental health was not good and has not felt good for a few weeks, which is concerning.

MONDAY UPDATE: It was Easter yesterday, the end of my Lenten fast, so of course I pigged out and ate way too damn much. I have decided, however, that I want to maintain my food momentum, and I don’t want to allow any fried foods or sweets until July 1 or I hit 165 pounds, whichever comes first. I do have a week of vacation in there, but I think I can work around it and eat healthy for the entire time. I am also signing up to run a 16 mile race in mid-June, so as long as I eat well, that will help with the weight loss. 

I was not able to work at my night job for awhile, but I should be able to start adding hours back on very soon.

The mental health thing is a bit worrying. I just haven’t felt like myself for a couple of weeks. And I haven’t been able to make any headway on any jobs or side hustles.

Quick Monday update: the mental health is a bit better today, I hope it continues! Time to use it so I can make some headway on other things in life. 

Overall: Up and down week. Worked out some, lost some money, paid off some debt, had a bad mental health week but am ok today. I want to do a goal check in this week as well, so look out for that!

When in doubt, Check the Rhime.

Project 40: Week 20

Weight: 178.0 – 176.8: (-1.2 lbs)

Savings: $2274.00 + $8000 (day job)

Days without soda: 133

I am tired and sick today, so this is going to be a short one.

The good: I lost weight somehow! I stuck to my diet, but I thought my portions were poor. I lost 1.2 lbs, which is great, although I was probably a bit dehydrated. Still, I will take it.

The bad: I only got one day of exercise. I lost a solid chunk of savings but that is because I am paying for a trip I am to take later in the spring.

I was sick all week and didn’t sleep well. I have been feeling stressed at work and I didn’t exercise after Tuesday. So it wasn’t my best week. I did no job searching and no side hustling. I may also be taking a hit for my night job for a few weeks, so I may not be getting paid as much for awhile.

Overall: I was sick and stressed this week, but I lost weight. I kept up my Lent diet (no fried foods, no sweets, only drinking water) so that is probably why the 1.2 lbs came off. I didn’t make much headway elsewhere, but that is due to being sick. I hope to be on the mend soon.

Project 40: Week 19

Weight: 178.6 – 178.0 : (-0.6 lbs)

Savings: $3026.54 + $8000 (day job)

Days without soda: 126

The good: I lost a half pound, which was surprising because I feel like I was voraciously eating all week. I think that since my diet has eliminated sugars and fried foods, the things I eat are not as calorically dense, so that means even if I eat a lot, it isn’t as bad as if I were eating chocolate/fries/pizza/etc. Since I lost three pounds last week, I thought I might plateau this week but did not, so that was also a pleasant surprise. I’m now officially 13 pounds from my goal weight. So far, so good.

I worked out every day this week, either running or lifting. On Tuesday I tweaked my hamstring on a run, so I had to cut it short. I didn’t eat much that day and was feeling dehydrated, and I figured the tweak was more of a cramp than anything else and that thankfully proved to be right. I ran on Thursday and had no pain so that was good.

My finances are solid. I broke $11,000 in savings for the first time in my life, but it is only temporary. I am taking a trip in June and put that on my credit card so I will have to pay that next week, but over $11,000 was nice while it lasted.

The bad: I had a phone call interview for a new job, but I have to say I am probably not that interested in it. It’s a little too close to what I am doing now and it’s a lot of hours and nights and weekends, which I am doing now. I am hoping to get away from that lifestyle, not head back into it. I will go through the process if they ask for an in-person interview and see how much it pays (this was not brought up, nor was it in the ad), as this may be the deciding factor, but I need to keep looking.

I didn’t really do any job hunting as it was a really busy week. I don’t think I applied to any jobs and felt tired and overwhelmed. I hit a few rough spots in the day job and when this happens, it rekindles the fire and makes me realize that I do need to make a change.

It is frustrating because I honestly don’t know what else to do. Most of the jobs I am most qualified for are in the field I am currently in, but I don’t want to be in the field anymore. I have never been able to really take off professionally in life, and this makes me sad because I am 40 and haven’t really achieved anything. I keep showing up, and I work hard, but I have no fulfillment and don’t make any money. It’s the worst of both worlds. All I can do is keep trying to put myself out there and hope for the best, but I am feeling down about it of late.

I had a lot of stomach problems all week, perhaps because I was eating too much and I was stressed. Today is my fast day since it is Lent, so perhaps this will be a ‘cleanse’ of sorts.

I didn’t get in any BJJ but I hope to get to the Saturday class tomorrow. Next week I am on five nights at my night job, so most definitely no BJJ for me then. Boo.

Overall: It was not a great mental health week as I have been feeling down about my professional trajectory and was stressed at the day job. My stomach was out of sorts the latter part of the week, so that was not great. I also made no progress with the job hunt since I was so busy. On a positive note, I lost weight, worked out a good bit and hit $11,000 in savings for the first time in my life, albeit temporarily.

I just hope that all this work eventually pays some off with some Funky Dividends.